8 Crocheted Homes That Are Just Right For Your Pet


When we have a pet in our life, we want to make sure that they are comfortable and happy. As a matter of fact, we will often go out of our way to ensure that everything is just right for them. This not only includes giving them exercise, plenty of food and companionship, it also includes providing them with a suitable and comfortable place to live.

You can certainly find a lot of interesting items today by looking online. Perhaps some of the most interesting, however, include a throwback to the “good old days.” Remember your grandmother sitting on the porch and crocheting a blanket or other item? These pet homes have that nostalgic feel but are so cute, you will rush to have one for your own animal. The following 8 are our favourite crocheted pet homes.


1. Looks kind of terrifying

2. Fit for a king

3. When your pet is always traveling

4. Straight out of a fairytale

5. It is actually a cat house

6. Birds are not to be left out either

7. Lovely front yard

8. The transformer pet house, complete with a toy

Via: Diply

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