Ingenious DIY Projects Use Plastic Storage Bins In 8 Amazing Ways


Most of us have used plastic storage bins at some time or another and in some cases, we may use them on a regular basis. They are perfect for storing all of our treasures, regardless of whether it is clothing for different seasons, knickknacks or items that just don’t have a spot in our home at the current moment.

What might come as a surprise to you is that storage bins can also be an amazing part of a DIY project. They are for more than simply organizing, they are an inexpensive part of projects you are going to love doing. Look down through the following 8 different ways to reuse your plastic storage bins and you will be sure to find at least one that you can do.

1. Fancy toy box

You can add this toy box to your living room. Plastic storage bins may not both very welcoming in public areas, but this toy box project is about the change that. Simply choose some fabric that matches the the decor of your home and some wrapping paper. You can find it at the dollar store. Wrap the plastic bin and you are ready to go.


2. Decorated drawers

Grab some tissue paper, napkins, scissors and glue. Within an hour, you can transform your plastic bin drawers into something amazing for your home.

3. Litter Boxes

Even your cat can appreciate what storage bins bring to the table. Many people already use them as litter boxes for their cats but when you decorate them and cut a hole in the lid, you turn it into something much more.

4. Jewelry organiser

If there is one problem that many of us have with jewelry, it’s the fact that it tends to get tangled in transit or storage. You can use a plastic storage bin and some metal pegboard hooks to keep things organised. Simply drill small holes in the side of the bin to fit the hook.

5. Christmas ornaments

It can be frustrating to get out your Christmas ornaments year after year. That is no longer going to be the case, however, when you use this amazing DIY project. Drill some holes in the ends of the bin and insert a plastic closet rod. You can then hang your ornaments for storage.

6. Water feature

Wouldn’t you love to have a water feature in your backyard? It all starts with a plastic bin buried below ground level.

7. Yarn box

If you are somebody that loves to craft or knit, you already realise how difficult it can be to keep the yard organised. Cut a few holes in the lid of a plastic storage bin and you will never have to worry about tangles again.

8. Hamsters

You can make some awesome hamster houses by stacking plastic storage bins and creating a building. It is something that any hamster or gerbil will love.

H/T: Shareably

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