Make A Beautiful Wine Crate Coffee Table At Home


There are many DIY projects that you may consider doing but from time to time, you see one and know that it is the perfect opportunity for you to make something beautiful at home. This woodworking project fits perfectly into that mix, and you would be surprised with how fun and easy it is to make it yourself.

It is a wine crate coffee table and it is the perfect way for you to upcycle old wine boxes and crates. Even if you don’t have any laying around, you can buy some for about five dollars each in a number of different places. You might want to try calling around to some wineries or liquor stores to see if they have some available. You may even be able to get some for free!

Another option is to find them at a craft store, although they are going to be more expensive. You can typically print out an online coupon, however, and save yourself a bundle of money.


Now on with the project:

Materials Needed for diy Wine Crate Coffee Table:
4 – Wine Crates (or similar craft crates)
1 – Piece of Heavy Duty Plywood
5 – Casters (rolling wheels with locks)
24 – Caster Bolts for Attaching Casters to Plywood
1 – Can of Wood Stain of your choice
1 – Foam Brushes or Paint Brush
8 – Bolts to Attach Wood Wine Crates together

Here are all of the materials used spread out to see everything.

Here are the wheels (casters) screwed into the plywood base of our table.

Here are the wood pieces all bolted together to make sure it fits.

The bolts are attached to our wood and holding it together.

Here is our coffee table in place to make sure it fits.

Here is another view of our table where it will be used.

A side view of our table with the wheels on.

All of our coffee table pieces ready to be stained.

A few sections of our table that have been wood stained.

All of our wood pieces and sections fully stained.

A few sections turned out a little darker than the rest.

We applied the second coat of stain to all of our wood sections.

Third coat of stain applied and all colours match now.

All wood sections fully and nicely stained and waiting to dry.

Here is our coffee table stained and put back together.

Here is our wine crate coffee table completely finished after around 15 hours of work.

Here is another angle of our table stained and finished.

Notice how well the table will be for storing items such as books?

Here is our diy Wine Crate Coffee Table Finished and in the living room!

H/T: Remove and Replace

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