Man Uses Food Colouring And Water, Creates Astonishing Glowing Igloo In His Yard


Many of us automatically think about the warm days of summer when we think about doing fun things outside. The fact of the matter is, however, there are plenty of things to do on a winter day as well. That would certainly include this project and once you see how easy it is to do, you will want to try it with your family.

How much time have you spent helping your kids build something in the snow? It could be anything, from snow angels to a snowman, but snow does give us the opportunity to be creative. If you have ever tried to build an igloo, it is unlikely that you were thrilled with the results. That is about to change, thanks to this DIY igloo that is not only beautiful, it glows.

Freeze 250 blocks in foil pan. Food colouring can be used to dye some of the blocks.

Build your foundation out of packed snow. Begin the first row slightly angled inward.

Continue to build on the first row, keeping the blocks angled inward

Support the blocks until they are frozen in place.

Use the coloured blocks at random as you continue to build.

Use a mortar made of snow and water made into a slush

After the first few rows are set, the rest gets easier.

Continue to vary the colours, being careful not to run out too quickly.

Leave a gap for the door

You might have some gaps but it can be filled in with slush

Make an arch for the doorway using the remaining blocks

Set up your furniture inside

The final project

Add some light inside and it will glow at night

Via: Little Things

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