Turn These Inexpensive Faux Flame Tea Lights Into Festive Christmas Ornaments


Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to make sure that we have everything together so that we can celebrate properly. Not only is it necessary to buy gifts and wrap them, we also want to make sure that any decorating we do is taken care of long before December 25 arrives. Some of the decorations are store-bought but when you see these festive lighted ornaments, you are going to have to make some for yourself.

This DIY project is relatively easy to do, so you can make plenty of them for yourself and even get the children involved. Just because they are simple, however, does not mean that they are not fantastic looking. As a matter of fact, they are absolutely charming and these snowman lights are going to be a big part of your Christmas from this year forward. Here is how to make them.



1. Battery operated or LED tea lights
2. One black permanent marker
3. One orange permanent marker
4. Red double-sided satin ribbon
5. Black felt
6. Red pipe cleaners
7. Red pom-poms
8. Glue gun

Now that the essentials are gathered it’s time to get started.


1. Give your snowman a smile


Use a permanent black marker to add eyes and a mouth. Don’t bother drawing on the nose, the flame will do that for you.

2. Cut your pipe cleaner


Cut your red pipe cleaner so it is 2 1/2 inches in length

3. Make the earmuffs


Form the pipe cleaner so it wraps around the top of the candle and forms a semi circle. Use a little bit of glue on either end to stick it to the tea light. Keep the end of the pipe cleaner bent but not glued to the light.

Grab the small pom-poms and add some hot glue to each one. Stick them on the ends of the pipe cleaner to make it look as if he has earmuffs.

4. Create a scarf


Now it is time to make a scarf for your snowman. Cut ribbon about 4 1/2 inches in length. Form it into a ribbon shape and add hot glue so that it stays stuck in the middle. Use another small line of hot glue on the top of the circle to adhere it to the end of the tea light.

5. Make him into an ornament


Cut another piece of red ribbon so it measures 11 inches long and loop it underneath the snowman’s earmuffs. Tie a tight knot and secure it to the desired location. Use an orange permanent marker to give the snowman a carrot colored nose.

6. Create an optional hat


You can also add a hat to your snowman using black felt cut into two small pieces include together. You can even add some craft ribbon to the head using glue.

They are ready to go! Have fun with this project.


Via: Tip Hero

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