How To Use Storage Cubes In Amazing Ways Around The Home


Like many people, you probably appreciate a good DIY project and it certainly can give you a feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project around the home. Although there are certainly many things that you can do, it seems as if using storage cubes is always going to be an option that fits in any room of the home.

It only takes a visit to IKEA to recognise exactly how popular these cubes are. Most people feel as if they are only made for books but the fact of the matter is, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Once you begin recognizing the different ways that you can use them around the home, you will be quite amazed at the possibilities. Here are some of the top options for your consideration.


Storefront closet

It only takes a simple storage cubes shelf to make your closet look like a storefront. It is a beautiful way to display your own clothing and makes finding what you want to wear quite easy.

By the Bed

This makeshift nightstand is the perfect size for beside the bed. A few baskets and bins will hold all of the essentials for bedtime with plenty of extra space for decoration.

In the Craft Room

Imagine having your craft room organised and being able to find anything you need. If you are into crafting, you likely have quite a collection but the shelves help to keep it all in order.

The Perfect Host

Your guestroom can be a rather welcoming environment when you include one of these cubes shelf displays. Storing the guestroom essentials is only one of the options that it offers. It helps to keep the room neat and tidy.


If you find your journals and photo albums are getting out of control around the home, it’s time to get yourself organised. One of these cubes shelves makes a perfect solution for colour coordinating all of these things.


If you are one of those women who just love handbags, you already know how quickly they can get out of control. It’s time to get them back under control with this organizational shelving unit.


Most parents are quick to admit that the play room is an area of the home that they tend to avoid. After you implement this storage option in the playroom, however, it may just be your favourite room in the home.

Create a wall

There is no reason to limit your cube shelves to a small area of the room. As you see in this picture, you can create an entire wall that is perfect for organizing and displaying.

Play center

Give your child’s room a creativity boost by creating a storefront for your little one. You might be surprised with exactly how creative you can be.

TV stand

You can organise things in these cubicles and have a spot on top to rest the TV.

Room dividers

An often overlooked option for cubes shelves is to use them as a room divider. It’s a practical solution that offers a great way to store various items as well.

Getting cozy

You can use this idea for your cubes shelves to create an awesome space for your little one. It’s taking cubes storage to the next level.

How will you use cubes shelves in your home?

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