You Will NEVER Throw Away Silica Bead Bags Again


We live in a society that tends to throw things away without really giving it much thought. Although the tide seems to be changing in this regard, the trash heaps are still filling at a rapid rate and unfortunately, we seem to be running out of space. At times, some of the things that we throw away are even designed to be tossed to the kerb.

One of those things is the silica bead bags that we often find in products purchased at our local store and online. They are there to absorb moisture and they help to keep the products from being damaged during the time that they are sitting in the packaging. They are typically labeled to throw away, but once you see these 13 amazing uses for silica packs, you may never throw them away again.

Here are 13 uses for those little silica beads

1. Throw a few on your car dash board to fight window fog.
2. Keep some in your linen closets to keep your linens dry.
3. Throw a few in your photo boxes and albums to prevent photos from aging and warping.
4. Keep some near your razor, the beads will prevent rust and extend the life of your razor.
5. The little bags can dry out a wet mobile phone.
6. Keeps some in your camera bag to keep your equipment dry.
7. Eliminates that old book smell. Just place them in the pages of a book or on your book shelves.
8. Store some in your luggage when traveling to keep moisture out of your bags.
9. Store some in your pills and vitamins to keep them fresh.
10. Keep some with your garden seeds so that they will stay dry.
11. Toss one in your gym bag to help combat that ol’ smell.
12. Toss a few in your large pet food bag to prevent it from getting soggy.
13. Place a few bags in your fall pumpkin to keep it from molding.

If you use your imagination, you can come up with many different ideas. These tiny little packets are amazing for DIY projects

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