10 Week Workout Plan – No Gym Needed


There are many of us who are interested in getting physically fit or, at the very least, getting a little healthier than where we are at this point in our lives. The unfortunate thing is, we rarely have enough time to get to the gym every day so we end up throwing the towel and doing nothing. In reality, it is not necessary and you can do this home workout without ever leaving your living room.

This mini-plan is made for both men and women to help them gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time. Because it is done from the convenience of your own home, it is not necessary to use any type of special equipment. As long as you follow this routine regularly, drink plenty of water and get an adequate amount of sleep, you should see the benefits coming your way very quickly.


If you are looking to lose weight, exercising from 45-60 minutes on a daily basis is recommended. Starting with a 50 minute workout if you are a beginner and gradually work your way up to 200 minutes. Eating a healthy diet will also help to avoid bloating and aids in weight loss.

Follow This 10 Day Plan For Results:


Twenty squats; twenty-five-second wall-sit; fifteen seconds plank; five push-ups; thirty-five jumping jacks; twenty-five crunches; fifteen lunges; ten sit-ups; and ten butt-kicks


Ten squats; twenty crunches; ten jumping jacks; ten push- ups; twenty-five lunges; thirty-five sit-ups; forty-five-second wall-sit; thirty seconds plank; twenty butt-kicks


Fifteen squats; thirty sit-ups; thirty crunches; thirty five-second wall-sit; fifty jumping jacks; twenty-five butt-kicks; twenty-five lunges; forty-second plank; and ten push-ups


Thirty-five squats; twenty crunches; fifteen lunges; thirty seconds plank; fifty sit-ups; sixty-seconds wall-sit; thirty-five butt-kicks; twenty-five jumping jacks; and twenty push-ups


Twenty-five squats; forty sit-ups; sixty-second plank; thirty push-ups; thirty crunches; sixty lunges; fifty-five jumping jacks; 45-second wall-sits; fifty butt-kicks

You should rest during the weekend.

Weekly plan for cardio workout:

1. 30-second sprint, 30-second jog (5x)
2. 35-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
3. 45-second sprint, 60-second jog (7x)
4. 50-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)
5. 55-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
6. 60-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
7. 65-second sprint, 60-second jog (5x)
8. 70-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
9. 75-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
10. 80-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)

Via: Healthy Food House

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