9 Different Painful Signals Your Body Is Sending You About Stress


Most of us have to deal with pain at some point in our lives and, at times, we may have pain chronically. In fact, one of the most common reasons why people miss work is because of back pain, and that is really only scratching the surface. Although we may be aware of the pain we are experiencing, we may not be fully aware of why we are experiencing them.

The most common reaction to pain today is to take something that will help to relive the pain. This typically comes in the form of medication, but, as many of you know, medicine also may carry some side effects along with it. It is important to look below the surface and discover why we are experiencing the pain in the first place, and that often comes from looking at hour our body is tied closely to our mind and emotions.


Here are some ways that your body may be telling you that you are having some stress.

1. Head Pain – Headaches and other head pain is typically caused by day-to-day stress. Learn to relax

2. Neck Pain – This may come from an inability to forgive yourself or others. If you are experiencing neck pain, learn to love others (and yourself)

3. Shoulder Pain – This may indicate a heavy emotional burden, which is why we often say that we are “shouldering a problem.” Learn how to solve the issue or live with it if it can’t be solved.

4. Upper Back Pain – This is typically a problem when you don’t have enough emotional support. You might feel unloved or unwanted. It may be time for you to get out there and find a friend.

5. Lower Back Pain – This may be related to worry about money. Take your financial life by the horns and try to stop worrying about things you can’t change.

6. Elbow Pain – This is typically a sign of resistance to change. Stiff arms may also mean you are living a rigid life. Learn how to compromise and shake things up once in a while.

7. Hand Pain – You might not be reaching out to others in the way you need. Try making some new friends.

8. Hip Pain – This could be due to a fear of moving or that you are resisting change. Try to learn to make decisions and stick to them.

9. Knee Pain – If you have a big ego and think of yourself too highly, you might have knee pain. Try being humble or spend some time doing volunteer work.

Via: The Hearty Soul

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