This New VW Microbus Is About To Bring Hippie Back In The Biggest Way


Some of us have enough years behind us that we can look back and fondly remember the 60s. During those days, there were many reasons why it was good to be alive and the Volkswagen Microbus was certainly on that list. If you long for those days, you will be happy to know that they are bringing back the microbus. It is better than the original because it is electric and drives itself.

Volkswagen showed the concept car off at the recent Auto Show in Detroit. It was a throwback to the original Microbus that was introduced in 1950. VW made it possible but Hippies made it awesome. They did so during the hippie days, which took place in the 1960s.

This new vehicle, known as the “ID Buzz,” as a Microbus for a new era. It gives us a glimpse into the future of Volkswagen, while, at the same time, giving us a look into the past. This iconic mini bus is not only going to put people in a nostalgic stooper, it will help people to forget about last year’s diesel scandal.


Volkswagen has said that the ID Buzz can drive on battery power with a full charge for up to 270 miles. It seats 8 but they can be configured to include 2 lounging seats. That allows for the autopilot driving mode and when it is on, the drivers seat can be rotated to face the rear.

The ID line of vehicles is set to enhance the rider experience. It uses a profile system that stores user preferences, including seat position, air conditioning, radio stations, sound system, navigation system, ambient lighting and even the contact information of family and friends.

The car will include an entertainment and productivity tablet to further enhance passenger and driver experience. The tablet will display the personal calendar of the user along with suggesting activities. The “augmented reality heads-up display” gives information for up to 49 feet in front of the car. There are cameras and a display (eMirror) that will take the place of the rear view mirror.

The first concept car in the ID series was introduced in Paris in September, 2016. It should be available for the public by 2020. If enough interest exists for the VW microbus, it could be available by 2025.

Via: mashable

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