10 Ways To Use Google You May Never Have Tried Before


When we need to find something online, the first thing most of us do is to open an Internet browser and do an internet search on Google. It has become such a normal thing that people even refer to it as googling. Although we may do it on a regular basis, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have all of the ways to do it successfully. In fact, you may be missing out on a lot that Google has to offer.

As we try to sift through all of the information that Google has available for us, we may end up taking hours on our search rather than a few minutes, which is all it should ever take. When you use the following tips for using Google regularly, you will find that it is not only make it possible for you to find what you want, you have a lot more free time as well.


1. This or That – When you can’t exactly remember a name to start your search it is not a problem for Google. Put a few variations of what you’re looking for and separate them by the | symbol or you could use the word “or” in your search. You will get a result that makes sense.

2. Synonyms – You can use synonyms when you are doing your research online. Using them along with adding the ~ symbol can make a difference in how quickly you find information.

3. Search within Websites – When you know that information is on a specific website but you can’t seem to find it again, you can search within that website on Google. Type the address of the website, leave a space and then type in the keyword.

4. Using the Asterisk – When you just can’t seem to recall the one keyword that you need, leave it out of the phrase and use the asterisk (*) in place. It will spit out the results you need.

5. When You Are Missing A Lot Of Words – If you are missing a lengthier part of the phrase, you can put it in the first and last words and then AROUND + (approximate number of missing words).

6. Time – There may be times when you need to search for information that only occurred during a specific time. If you lead the timeframe to the query by putting in the beginning date, three dots and then the end date Google will narrow it down.

7. Search for a Title – If you need to search for a specific keyword this is the title of the page, use the intitle:phrase search option.

8. Similar Websites – If you have a website you like online and what to find a similar website, use the related:search tag.

9. Whole Phrases – When you are certain of a specific phrase within the webpage, simply put it within quotes. It will search for that specific query rather than treating each individual keyword as a different part of the query.

10. Unimportant – When you continue to get unimport queries, use a minus symbol to block specific keywords from showing up within the text.

Via: Bright Side

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