7 Photos Of Your Children That Should NEVER Be Posted On Social Media


If there’s one thing that all parents want to do, it’s to shield children from any issues that could occur from the world around them. It doesn’t matter if it is bullying on the playground or stranger danger, a parent does what is necessary to protect their kids at all times. One thing that many parents don’t realise, however, is that their own actions could be exposing children to danger.

It is quite easy to share pictures online as it only typically takes 2 clicks to do so. Sharing pictures of children, however, is not always safe and it certainly is not private. Kids face dangers online including predators, identity theft, cyber bullying and digital kidnapping. Your child could even end up in an advertisement or a meme.


How would you like to have your child’s image plastered on websites all over the Internet? It could happen! In addition, what you share from your birth is going to follow them through their younger years and even to adulthood. When you post something online, it stays online.

Here are examples of things you would never want to post on social media:

Pictures of Other People’s Kids – It is important to get consent before you post any pictures of other people’s kids to social media. Ask permission before doing so. Elementary schools even have consent forms regarding publication of photos to social media.

Bathroom Pictures – It doesn’t matter if you are talking about pictures in the bathtub or on the potty, they do not belong on social media. There are creepy people hanging out at all times on social media and you don’t want them to see your children in such a position. In addition, their classmates are going to see those pictures at some time as well.

Geo Tags – Many people don’t realise that their pictures and videos may contain information about where they were taken. They could even include GPS coordinates that are tagged with the image. You should turn it off in the phone settings but be aware that social media apps may have their own settings to let others know exactly where you are.


Questionable Activities – Never post any pictures of anything that could be considered questionable, even if it is a joke.

Shaming or Embarrassing Pictures – When you post pictures of punishments, tantrums and every day issues gone wrong, they could go viral. Parents post videos on YouTube, pictures on twitter and information on Facebook. It can be embarrassing now but when the children get older, it could be devastating.

Degrees or Diplomas – You may be proud of their high school diploma or degree, but identity thieves would like to steal that information.

Listen to Your Children – If your children don’t want you to post something on social media, listen to them. You may think that it is innocent and sweet but you are opening them up to public scrutiny.

When it comes to posting pictures on social media of children, think before you do it. It’s nice to be able to share pictures with others but make sure that they are appropriate for anyone at any time to see.

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