Buy These 10 Vegetables One Time And Grow Them Forever

Many of us can think back to the time when our parents and grandparents used to grow their own vegetables in the backyard. It was rather interesting to watch them working and to see the fruits of their labors when we were eating them at the dinner table. There was nothing quite like it, but it is something that has gone by the wayside.

Of course, eating vegetables is an important part of staying healthy but most of us recognise that vegetables bought at the store go bad very quickly. It often requires that we time things perfectly so that we don’t end up throwing them away. There is something you can do, however, that will produce an ongoing source of vegetables and it is both cheap and simple.

The solution is, grow your own vegetables at home!

You can grow the following 10 vegetables easily at home. In fact, you only need to buy them one time and then you can regrow them indefinitely.


Asparagus – if you keep asparagus plants properly, it will continue to produce for up to 25 years. The seeds do take some time to mature so if you use crowns, you can grow them more quickly.

Garlic – you can grow sprouts from garlic cloves. In fact, one tiny clove can give you 10 additional garlic cloves. Use them on many dishes, because they are delicious and milder than the store-bought type.

When they sprout, put them in a glass with water and keep the glass on the windowsill. When the sprouts reach a couple of inches long, replant them.

Carrots – you can use old carrot tops to regrow new carrots. Put the tops in a dish with water and keep it on the windowsill. The taste of regrown carrots is bitter compared to the type you buy at the grocery store. Sweeten them with a little vinegar and garlic and add them to salads.

Bok Choy – this Chinese cabbage can be regrown in water when you insert the root ends. Leave them for a couple of weeks in a well lit room and then transfer them to a pot with soil.

Romaine lettuce – growing
lettuce is possible when you use the bottom of a lettuce head. Put the stumps in a couple inches of water and they will regrow quickly. You can do the same with cabbages.

Scallions – use scallion roots to regrow new vegetables. Put 1 inch of the scallion and the root in a glass of water and keep it on the windowsill. New scallions will soon appear and you can pick them when they are 4-6 inches long.

Celery – use celery bottoms to regrow new vegetables. Cut the base, place in the shallow bowl in the sun and you will soon notice new leaves. Replant after three days.

Cilantro – when you put cilantro stems a glass of water, new plants will soon grow. Transfer them to a pot with soil when they become longer and make sure they get plenty of light.

Basal – use basal clippings with stems and put them in a glass of water. Exposure to direct sunlight and when the roots are 2 inches long, put them in a pot with soil. Water them regularly.

Globe artichoke – harvest the artichokes when they unfurl and reveal a flower. Use moist, well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine. Plant them up to 36 inches apart in rows. Be sure the soil is well composted.

Add high nitrogen fertilizer on a monthly basis. Harvest in the spring, fall and during secondary peaks.

H/T: Healthy Food House

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