Plant Tomatoes This Way And They Will Grow Up To 8 Feet High

There are very few pleasures in life quite like going out to your garden and pulling off a ripe tomato. It is not only the experience of planting a garden and watching things grow, you will never be able to buy a tomato as delicious as what you can grow at home. In part, it is because they are flavorful but it is also the entire experience that makes them delicious.

Almost everybody that has a garden is going to grow tomatoes. After all, they are relatively simple plant to grow and the fruit they produce can be quite beautiful. Some people even pride themselves on their abilities to grow tomatoes, but it always helps to have a trick up your sleeve.

Have you ever noticed that some people are able to grow tomato plants that easily tower over their head? This is not only a matter of growing more tomatoes, it is also a matter of pride for those individuals. If you have ever wondered how those people were able to grow such tall tomato plant with plenty of tomatoes on them, you’re about to learn the secrets. When you do things the right way, you will be amazed with exactly what happens in the garden. Here are 6 tips for growing better tomatoes:

1. Plant them deeply – it can be tempting to plan seedlings close to the surface but when you plant them deeply, they really do grow better. You can put up to two thirds of the plant underground and it will result in more roots.

2. Another Way to Plant Deeply – If you don’t want to plant that deeply or you can’t dig down in the soil that far, simply plant the tomato on its side and angled slightly downward. Just be sure that the portion underground is at least 5 or 6 inches deep.

3. Feed them – tomato plants need plenty of healthy soil and sunlight. You should also fertilize them and give them plenty of water every week. This will result in bigger tomatoes.

4. Provide support – when the tomato grows tall, it will need some support to keep from falling over. Some people will put them inside of cages but if you want a truly tall tomato plant, use a garden stake and tie them on it with nylons.

5. Natural fertilizer – use old coffee grounds and grind up some egg shells to add to the soil. Not only will it make it nutrient rich, it will keep slugs away. Some people put a raw egg in the hole before they bury the tomato plant as well.

6. Trimming – Keep your tomato plants well trimmed. If the fruit or any leaves are dying, remove them from the plant.

Tomatoes could easily be grown in containers if you don’t have the garden space available for them. They require little maintenance and if you do give them care, you will get a bigger and better crop.

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