They Thought She Was Crazy For Putting Irish Spring In Her Yard But They Didn’t Know THIS

Most of us use soap for a very specific purpose, we use it to wash our skin when we are washing our hands or taking a bath. Although that may be the primary reason why we use it, some people may use soap for other reasons as well. In fact, you might be surprised with why some people use soap and wonder if it actually is effective.

There are many different types of soap but for the Irish Spring soap, it not only cleans the skin, it doubles as a pest deterrent in the garden. It can also help to freshen the air in the garden as well. Many people use Irish Spring in their gardens as a way to keep deer and other animals away. It can also work at keeping insects away as well.

The easiest way to do it is to cut up a bar of soap into chunks and then stick the little chunks in socks. Staple the socks to the garden fence and you will find that the unwanted visitors are much less likely to visit.


When animals come around, they don’t stick around because they hate the smell of Irish Spring soap. So do insects.

Put mini fences around the garden by scattering bits of Irish Spring soap to maximize the effect.

Who would have thought that a popular brand of soap could be so useful?

H/T: Relay Hero

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