Tips to Help Keep Pests Away from Your Garden

Gardening is an excellent way to have fresh food for the family on a budget. It also gets you into the great outdoors and is an excellent pastime. Of course, like any hobby, you need to take the good with the bad but when it comes to gardening, there is nothing worse than garden pests.

If you are struggling to get your garden off the ground, there are ways to keep the pests at bay. The following natural solutions can help your garden to grow better and stronger by keeping out the pests.

1. Companion plants


Planting the right plants next to each other may deter unwanted visitors. It has to do with the color and the scent of the plant. For example, planting basil next to the tomato plants can help keep flies away.

2. Garlic


Don’t leave the garlic in your refrigerator, throw it in your garden. Garlic helps to chase away potato bugs and beetles.

3. CDs


Are you wondering what to do with those old CDs? Hang them in a tree and the reflective surfaces will keep the birds away.

4. Soap


Cut up a bar of soap and put it in your garden to keep the deer away. They hate the smell of Irish Spring soap!

5. Cornmeal


If you have a problem with ants either inside or outside of the home, sprinkle some cornmeal around. It will kill the ants and the weeds as well.

6. Ladybugs


Ladybugs can certainly help your garden in wonderful ways. Lure them to the vegetable patch with sticks and raisins. They love eating aphids and other pests.

7. Milk

78. Eggshells


Snails and slugs also don’t like stepping on the sharp eggshells that you should scatter in your garden. Crumble up the old shells and toss them around the plants.

9. Sticky Traps


If you want a way to keep critters at bay, check out this blog for a nifty trap.

10. Coffee


Sprinkle coffee grounds in the garden and you will be amazed with how things grow. They are rich in nitrogen, and plants love them. In addition, deer and slugs keep their distance from coffee.

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