10 House Plants That Create The Ideal Interior Climate For Your Home


All of us want to ensure that we are as comfortable as possible in our homes. There are a number of ways to achieve such comfort, but something that shouldn’t be overlooked is growing houseplants. Although many people may grow houseplants because they are beautiful and add some character to the room, there are actually a number of benefits from growing them that you should not overlook as well.

Plants are nature’s purifiers, and when you grow them in your house, one of the primary benefits is that they help to clear the air. Even if you feel as if your home is clear, they can provide a richer supply of oxygen and help to stabilize humidity so that your comfort level is increased. Of course, not all plants are created equally and some are ideally suited for your home, including the following 10 plants that you would want to consider.


1. Spathiphyllum


This plant is reported to bring happiness to your home and when you consider the fact that it removes excess moisture and stabilizes the claimant, you could see why it makes you happy. It is also ideal for destroying mold spores.

2. Coffee


Growing your own coffee shrub at home is a great way to have a little Java that is as fresh as can be, but there are also some additional benefits as well. Coffee plants are great for absorbing excess moisture and when they flower, they smell fantastic.

3. Myrtus


Long regarded as a symbol of pleasure and peace, it is used today for a different purpose. Having such a plant in your home helps to restore a healthy microclimate and provides you with healthy benefits as well. The leaves and flowers of this plant kill microbes in the air.

4. Laurus nobilis


This plant has been considered a glorious symbol associated with victory. Native to the subtropics, it loves moisture and plenty of water. It also absorbs moisture from the air, so it helps to stabilize humidity.

5. Citrus Limon


Have you ever considered growing a citrus tree in your house? The lemon tree is perfect in that regard. Not only does it smell fantastic, it absorbs excess moisture and sterilizes the air around the plant.

6. Chamaecyparis


This plant is considered a sacred tree in Japan but the Evergreen plant is used elsewhere to freshen the home and provide moisture for the air. It is reported that this plant can help individuals with headaches, including migraines.

7. Sansevieria


This plant produces oxygen by the bucket load so it neutralizes fumes and freshens the air. It is also easy to care for this plant.

8. Ficus


Many people don’t consider the ficus to be good for growing indoors, but it is actually popular as a houseplant. It fills your air with moisture and oxygen along with neutralizing viruses and toxins. The leaves tend to remove dust, so it is an all around low-maintenance tree that can be grown in your house.

9. Cissus


This plant grows similarly to Ivy and it will grab on to any structure that is nearby and grow toward the light. It provides moisture for the air.

10. Kalanchoe


This plant is native to Madagascar and it is ideally suited for dry environments, including inside of many buildings. It’s leaves accumulate moisture and help to regulate your indoor environment.

Via: Bright Side

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