12 Ways To Use Vicks Vapor Rub That You Didn’t Know Before


When it comes to household items that can be found in almost any medicine cabinet, one that probably leads the list is Vicks vapor rub. Many of us remember using it from the time that we were children and anytime we had a stuffy nose or a cough, our mothers probably spread it on our chest and it made us feel better while we slept.

We may still use Vicks vapor rub for that purpose regularly but the fact of the matter is, it can be used for a wide range of other purposes as well. The following 12 uses for VapoRub may take you by surprise but they are going to change the way that you use this common item. In fact, you may just want to go ahead and run to the store to pick up some more Vicks vapor rub now because you’re about to use it more often.


1. Insect repellent – You can use an open jar of Vicks vapor rub to repel flies, mosquitoes and other insects. It’s great when you run out of other repellent.

2. Headaches – One of the main ingredients of Vicks vapor rub, menthol, lowers blood pressure naturally and can relieve the pain of a headache if you rub it on your forehead.

3. Your feet – before you go to bed at night, rub Vicks on your heels to help moisturize dry and cracked skin. After applying it to your heels, cover them with some old socks. Make sure you wash the socks the next morning.


4. Belly Fat – 1 tablespoon of a crushed camphor tablet, 1 tablespoon of alcohol, 1 tablespoon baking soda and half a jar of Vicks vapor rub will make a paste. You can apply the paste to your abdominal area before you work out and wrap it with plastic wrap. Perform this ritual two or three times a week and noticed the results.

5. Pets – If your dog likes to pee in the house, put some Vicks VapoRub in those areas and they will do it less often. Dogs and cats do not like the smell of Vicks, so it will keep them away.

6. Furniture – When your cat scratches your furniture, you can use some Vicks vapor rub in the area to stop them from doing it.


7. Stretch Marks – Rub Vicks vapor rub on your stretch marks and see the results in 2 weeks.

8. Toenail fungus – When you have toenail fungus, put some Vicks on the affected toe every night and then put on your socks. Clip off as much of the infection as possible the next day and repeat until gone.


9. Bruises – Rub some Vicks vapor rub on your bruise and watch the magic happen.

10. Earaches – Put a cotton ball with Vicks vapor rub in your ear and leave it there for a few hours. It will not cure the infection but it will help with pain temporarily

11. Your face – Apply Vicks vapor rub to problem areas on your face and leave it on overnight. When you are persistent, you will see positive changes.


12. Pain – The ingredients in Vicks vapor rub help to relax sore muscles. Massage some Vicks on the affected area until the pain is gone.

General Recommendations

1. Test Vicks vapor rub on a small area of skin before using it to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction.

2. Do not use on children under 2 years of age.

3. If you have doubts, contact a doctor.

Via: Bright Side

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