Think A Hole Has Ruined Your T-Shirt? Think Again!


Many of us become quite attached to our T-shirts, especially when we have a favourite shirt that we like to wear on a regular basis. From time to time, however, the shirt gets a hole in it and for most of us, it means that it is no longer going to be our favourite shirt any longer. We just tend to toss it to the kerb or perhaps wear it with the hole.

If you are somebody that becomes attached to T-shirts and loves wearing them, you are going to find this little trick quite amazing. It is a way to repair your garments and bring them back into a wearable condition and the best news is, you don’t need a sewing machine in order to do it! Quite simply, it helps you to extend the life of your T-shirt and it only takes a few minutes to do it. Many people feel as if repairing clothing is outdated, as if it is only something that their grandmother should do. The fact of the matter is, however, repairing your clothing and continuing to wear it makes good sense.


Not only do you get to wear something that is already well broken in, it saves you money, regardless of whether it is a little or a lot. So for now, let’s gather the materials together and get ready to do this awesome repair.

Here are your materials:

Damaged shirt (hole should be in the shape of a pinhole, measuring to 5 millimeters or less)
Ironing board
Fusible bonding web
Cutaway stabilizer
Parchment paper
Spray bottle filled with water
Semi-iridescent pressed cloth

1. Apply the heat

After turning your T-shirt inside out, put it on an ironing board with the hole facing toward you. Iron the section around the hole until the area is wrinkle free. After it cools, remove the excess pieces of string around the hole together so that it is covered.

2. Prepping the repair

Remove your T-shirt from the ironing board and cover it with a piece of parchment paper. This keeps anything from sticking to the surface. Replace the T-shirt and take a 1 square inch of fusible bonding web and set it over the damaged area. Followed that by a slightly larger piece of cutaway stabilizer over top of it.

3. Bandage the hole

Put your iron on the wool setting. Don’t worry about damaging the fabric, it’s perfectly safe for a cotton T-shirt. Place a white, semi-iridescent pressed cloth over the web and stabilizer. Dampen it with a spray bottle.

After you have moistened it, place the iron directly on top of the damaged area. Don’t press or shift the cloth, just put it there for 10 seconds and carefully remove it so you don’t disturb the webbing.

4. Finishing up

Remove the cloth and turn the T-shirt right side out. Take a close look at the hole. If not all of the threads have merged, repeat step one and then press the side with the iron again.

It may take a few tries, but the results can be quite amazing.

Watch this video for more information:

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