Introducing A New Airless Bike Tire That Never Goes Flat

One of the greatest forms of exercise is riding a bicycle. Not only does it give you a great cardiovascular workout, it is also a lot of fun to watch the world go by while you are sitting on the seat of a bike. Unfortunately, there are also some issues that may go along with it as well, including the possibility for a flat tire.

Because of the possibility for a flat tire, many bike riders make sure that they pack everything necessary, including pumps and patch kits. With this new invention, however, you will never have to worry about having a flat tire again. It is a solution in the form of an airless bike tire that offers everything a bicycle rider could possibly need. When you see it, you will have to have it and you will be amazed that they never thought of it before.


Admittedly, they have had airless tires in the past but the majority of them did make it to market because they were either uncomfortable or too stiff. This product is different and at least one version can last up to 5000 miles!

These Innovative Bike Tires Will Not Go Flat


Created from Polymer Blends That Provide Durability and a balance of resilience and cushioning


You can mount them on your wheels or purchase new wheelsets


The tires will last for up to 5000 miles


There made from a single material so they are easy to recycle


Would you like to say goodbye to your conventional tire?


You can see more in this video.

Via: Bored Panda

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