I Learned This Shocking Method For Killing Mosquitoes And I Haven’t Had A Single Bite Since


Summer is a fantastic time of the year but it is not without its own problems. One of those issues that many of us would rather do without is dealing with mosquitoes. It doesn’t matter how good of a day we are having, there always seems to be one buzzing our ear and ruining what would otherwise be the perfect day. That is about to change.

As you are likely aware, some people tend to be prone to getting mosquito bites and they can have a really nasty effect on their skin when they get bit. The itchiness is hard to ignore and there are some remedies that would serve a purpose in relieving you from having to deal with it in the first place. Some of those remedies include citronella candles and bug spray but they are limited in their abilities, at best. Now, there is a new option and it doesn’t involve spraying your skin with chemicals or hauling around stinky candles.

When you see the video below, it will show you how to avoid being bitten by the mosquitoes and you will be rid of the bugs once and for all. You just follow the instructions and show you how to make your own mosquito trap. These traps could potentially kill thousands of mosquitoes each and every night.


The first thing you need is a high velocity fan. You can pick one up at Home Depot or perhaps online at Amazon.com. Grab some fine mesh mosquito netting, rubbing alcohol and a few heavy-duty magnets while you’re at it.

After gathering the supplies, cut the mosquito netting so that it is big enough to cover one side of the fan. Plug the cord of the fan so it is close to it and doesn’t get in the way. Take the magnets and use them to fasten the netting on one side of the fan and to hold it in place.

The next step is to grab the rubbing alcohol and dilute it with equal amounts of water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle. Mixing rubbing alcohol with water makes it less flammable and it even works better at killing the mosquitoes. Spray the netting evenly but be careful not to get the motor in the middle of the fan.

Put a piece of white cardboard in front of the fan and spray some of the mixture on the material. This helps to easily remove the netting and loosen the mosquito remains on the board. As the mosquitoes are being caught in the netting, you can even watch to see it get to its capacity.

After you feel as if you have caught enough mosquitoes, turn off the fan and remove the netting. Allow the netting to fall onto the white board and the mosquito parts should fall off easily. The best part about all of this is that there is no cleaning involved. The alcohol mixture disintegrates and you can leave the mosquitoes out for other critters to eat.

The following video shows you further detail:

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