Do Mosquitoes Go After You First? You Need To Know This!


There are many problems that we may face in our lifetime and those problems differ from one person to another. Some of those issues are related to the season and now that summer is somewhat on the horizon, we may be looking forward to some warm days in the sunshine. Before we get all excited about being outside, however, let’s not forget that there are mosquitoes out there. For some of us, mosquitoes may be a real problem.

Mosquitoes are not only bad because they bite us, there are serious diseases associated with them as well. Those diseases include West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and the allergic reaction that gives us those itchy welts. What many people don’t know is that there are 3000 different types of mosquitoes but only 200 bite people. Along with that, it is only the females that bite us.

When the weather turns warmer and the eggs begin to hatch, we know we are in for some trouble. They begin to invade our backyards and before you know it, we have a real problem on our hands.


Why Are You Attractive?

Mosquitoes have a very strong sense of smell and they rely on colour when they see. Keeping that in mind, there are a few things you can do to make yourself a rather convenient snack. Those include bacteria, carbon dioxide, your clothing, your body odor and beer.

When you are bigger, you tend to let off more carbon dioxide when exhaling. Mosquitoes can sense that carbon dioxide from more than 50 yards away. Pregnant women tend to be resources of high levels of CO2 as well.

When the carbon dioxide exists, the mosquitoes will not be far behind. For individuals who exercise, drink beer regularly or metabolize cholesterol quickly, CO2 becomes a real problem. Anything that boosts your metabolism, including alcohol, makes you a sweet target for mosquitoes.

It is the odor of your body that makes you a mark or makes them avoid you. Your natural body odor can either repel or attract mosquitoes depending upon your genes. When there are certain scents on the surface of the skin, mosquitoes will be attracted to it. Some of the favourites include bacteria, sweat, lactic acid and uric acid.

If you tend to walk around a little stinky, you are inviting mosquitoes in for a meal. Scientists have discovered, however, that there are some smells the tend to drive mosquitoes away. It basically has to do with your genetic makeup. Quite simply, some people don’t smell good to mosquitoes so they are avoided.

The way you move and the clothes you wear may also be able to attract or repel mosquitoes. Dark black and blue tend to invite mosquitoes but clothing that blends in with the light keeps them away. Red clothing and moving targets are attractive to mosquitoes.


What Repels Mosquitoes?

There are ways to keep mosquitoes from biting. One is to lower the mosquito population by keeping your grass trimmed and removing stagnant water. You should also ensure that you shower regularly to get rid of the odors that mosquitoes find attractive.

Wear the right clothing to prevent the mosquitoes from biting through it and keep the colours on the light side. Using a bug repellent, such as DEET, may help to keep the mosquitoes at bay as well.

Mosquitoes tend to be more active during the hours around dawn and sunset. During those times, stay indoors with the AC running. If you are outdoors, use fans to throw off their flight path. You may also want to try peppermint or citronella products.

How to Treat Mosquito Bites

If you end up getting bitten, there are ways to deal with the swelling and itching. Icing the area may help to reduce the swelling and lower the itchiness. Using tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar immediately after you are bitten may help as well. Some essential oils that are beneficial include lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.

If you experience lots of mosquito bites, taking an oatmeal bath may help. Putting a used teabag on the area can help to reduce welts and irritation as well. Other natural treatments include aloe, honey and a baking soda paste.

More than likely, you are going to be bitten this summer. Don’t allow mosquitoes to completely rob you of all of your summertime fun. Take the necessary steps to make yourself less attractive to those little bloodsuckers.

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