12 Secrets That Airline Employees Are Sharing With Passengers


Many of us enjoy traveling but there may be some issues that occur when we travel that we would rather do without. Some of them may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience but others could be a huge issue that could put us in danger. Fortunately, the Internet is there to provide you with the information you need so that you can travel safely.

It doesn’t matter what profession you are speaking of, it is going to have secrets. The same is also true of the airline industry. When the employees of that industry begin speaking, those of us who travel regularly have our eyes opened to the problems that may occur around us. The following 12 secrets from airline employees are something that all passengers should know about before boarding the plane.


1. Not all minor failures are immediately repaired

I don’t want you to get the feeling that a plane is not safe. There is a list of things needs to be checked before the flight takes off but some minor failures that don’t affect safety may be let go.

2. The reason for those handgrips on the inside of the plane

If there is a panic on board, these handles are for the flight attendant. When they prepare the emergency exit, it is easy for people to get knocked down or pushed from the plane. Holding on to the handgrip allows the attendant to stand upright.

3. They feed the captain and copilot differently

Just in case of food poisoning, they eat different meals. It only takes one to fly the plane.

4. Locks are not there to protect your luggage

The lock hanging from your luggage is useless. It can typically be picked with a pencil and sometimes, it is picked and your lock is damaged.

5. Why can’t you smoke on a plane?

Most people assume that smoking is prohibited because of fire or passive smoke. The fact is, smoking was allowed previously and there were not any fires. The real reason why you can’t smoke on the plane is because it costs money because the smoke wears out the filter.

6. The reasons why luggage gets lost

It’s been held for additional checks and wasn’t loaded on time.

Some employee, usually a novice, put the luggage on the wrong trolley, and it flew somewhere else.

An airline employee put the wrong sticker on it by mistake.

The passenger hadn’t removed old stickers from the luggage, which lead to confusion.

The suitcase got stuck on the belt or went in the wrong direction, which happens during connecting flights.

The suitcase fell off the trolley on the way to the plane and no one noticed. This, however, is rare.

The luggage recognition system made an error or the label got lost. That’s why employees advise leaving your name and contact information where it can be seen clearly on the outside or at least inside the luggage.

7. Why you need to turn off your mobile phone

Your phone will not cause a malfunction in the plane but it can cause static on the radio signal. The pilot may miss important information from the dispatcher.

8. Airline employees and their family have reduced priced tickets

Most airlines provide employees with cheap tickets for themselves, their spouses and children. When an employee buys a ticket, they only pay for duties and taxes but the flight is free.

9. The lavatory door can be opened from outside

There is a hidden switch located under the no smoking or lavatory sign. It is not there to infringe on your privacy, it is to avoid breaking the door if somebody is sick on the inside.

10. You can also raise aisle and window seat armrests

Most people consider these armrests to be fixed in place but it is usually possible to raise them. There should be a small button hidden near the base of the armrest but even if you raise them, you may be asked to lower them again.

11. The best time to buy tickets

Most people think that buying your tickets earlier is better but that is not always true. In most cases, tickets are less expensive on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

12. It’s good to be polite

Flight attendants tend to show favouritism to those who show them respect. In most cases, you will be shown favour if you ask for something nicely rather than demanding it.

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