9 Things You Will Never Do In A Hotel Again


There is nothing quite like staying at a nice hotel. Not only is everything neat and clean, you are often treated like royalty. They make your bed for you, clean up after you and in some cases, it may even leave a mint on your pillow!

Many of us recognise the benefits of staying in a hotel but we may have heard rumors about issues that are associated with it as well. As it turns out, there are a number of things that should be avoided at all costs when you stay in such an establishment.

The following 9 things are something that everybody who stays at hotel should know. Some of them may seem obvious but don’t underestimate how important they are to follow.

1. Don’t yell at the hotel staff


Regardless of the size of the problem, keep a calm voice. The hotel staff are humans and they are there to help you. They are not your servants.

2. Don’t rummage in the minibar


Did you know that many bars have sensors? When you pick up the bottle or candy bar, you may just get charged! Why not avoid temptation and stay out of the minibar altogether?

3. Don’t use the remote control


Yes, you will need to use the remote control but make sure you use some sanitizer on it first. Research has shown that the remote control is the dirtiest item in a hotel room. Clean it with hand sanitizer or put a Ziploc bag over it.

4. Don’t shout your room number


If you have to say your room number at any point during your stay, keep your voice down. Saying your room number too loud is inviting unwanted guests over.

5. Don’t sneak in your pets


You might think that you’re getting away with something, but you aren’t. If you are caught and the hotel staff needs to clean up after you, the bill can be huge.

6. Don’t leave your jewelry around


Nobody is going to steal your jewelry out of your room while you are in it but if you do leave it out, it is more likely that you will forget it or lose it behind the dresser.

7. Don’t throw your suitcase on the bed


Your suitcase was just on the ground, so you are putting dirt on the bed. Remember your face is going to be there soon. Secondly, you’re inviting the possibility for bedbugs to crawl into your case.

8. Don’t shine your shoes with a hand towel


Don’t use the hand towels for anything nasty because it could ruin it. It’s rude!

9. Don’t take the hand towels as souvenirs.


Let’s face it, nobody needs hand towels that badly. In some cases, the hotel may count them and you could end up getting charged for them.

Via: Little Things

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