The Best Way to Manage Gray Hair

As we get older, our body goes through a number of different changes, some of which may cause some stress on our part. One of the situations that can occur is for our hair to begin to turn gray and when we first see the gray hair, it can cause a wide range of emotions.

Admittedly, many people are going to feel anxious, sad or confused as to what to do over the gray hair that is now appearing. Other people, however, simply take it in stride and don’t really give it a second thought. If you are one of those individuals that are concerned about seeing gray appear on your scalp, make sure you read this before you grab the tweezers.


There is an old saying that plucking a gray hair is only going to cause 2 or 3 to grow in its place. It has even been considered that hair of a different color would grow in that area. Is that true?

Recent studies have shown that the thought about gray hair growing back in mass numbers is a myth. Although you may be breathing a sigh of relief and could be reaching for the tweezers now, don’t reach so quickly! The bad news is, although gray hair may not grow back in the area, it is possible that no hair could grow back! You might end up with a bald spot.

Interestingly, this not only applies to the hair on top of your head, it also applies to your eyebrows. When you forcibly remove a hair, the new follicle will be much weaker or it may not grow back at all.


The moral of the story is, the next time you see gray growing, don’t reach for the tweezers. There is a safe way to deal with the problem. It’s now time to color your hair.

Although you may feel a bit uncomfortable with the thought of coloring your hair, it might make you feel better to know that you are not alone in doing it. In 2008, a study was completed that showed 75% of women in the United States dye their hair. That’s right, there is no shame in dying but you do need to know how to dye properly.

You have 2 basic options when it comes to dying your hair. You can use a semi-permanent dye and do the job at home or you can have a professional do the job for you.

Dying your hair will instantly get rid of the gray but it will not do so permanently. As your hair continues to grow, you will begin to see the gray show up in the roots. It is even worse for individuals who have hair that grows quickly. That is why it is important to schedule time to color your hair approximately every 2 months. You also need to use a product that does not dry the hair and helps to maintain the hair strength.

There may also eventually be a possibility for other options. In 2009, a study was done that showed massive oxidative stress was responsible for the gray color. That stress caused a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. In essence, your hair is bleaching itself from the inside out!

Since it is now known what causes the hair to gray, scientists feel as if a solution to prevent hair from graying is on the way.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Graying is a natural process of the human body. Some people will continue to embrace it but others look forward to the possibility that a permanent solution is on the horizon.

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