DIY Portable Bed with Pillowcases

There is something that every house needs and sooner or later, you’re going to regret not having one, if you don’t have it. I’m talking about a portable bed, something that many families use regularly.

Children often enjoy using portable beds, as they provide a comfortable place to relax while watching TV or reading a book.

The problem is, portable beds can be quite expensive and they can also be cumbersome. That is not the case any longer, because this DIY project will show you how to turn pillowcases into an awesome portable bed that your entire family will love!

Step 1: Buy 4 pillowcases. Choose the design you want…


Step 2: Sew them together, side-by-side and keep the openings facing the same direction.


3: Buy 4 cheap pillows… (You can combine this with step 1 to save time)


4: Insert the pillows into the pillow cases and you have your own portable bed!


Do you need a longer bed? Sew on additional pillowcases!


To clean, simply remove the pillows from the covers and throw it into the wash.

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