Family Car Stickers Giving Burglars Too Much Info


Trends come and trends go, but something that has seemed to stick around for quite some time are the little stickers that show family members on the back of the windshield. Admittedly, they are rather cute and I often am surprised with how imaginative some people are when choosing or designing them.

Although these stickers may be cool and trendy, there are also some things to consider because you may be putting your family at risk! Many people are unaware of the fact that they are just giving too much information to burglars and other people with less than honorable intentions. Read on to learn more.

So Many Choices

There are many cool stickers that are absolutely awesome. What many people don’t know is that it is not all fun and games once the stickers go on the window.


Something People Need to Know

These stickers may provide more information than what most people need to know, such as the structure of your family. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to know about your family, but if you are providing too much information it may be putting you at risk.


Vulnerabilities Are Shown

One of the problems is the stickers leave you vulnerable. As an example, statistics show that people are more likely to attack a single mother with babies rather than a conventional family.


Military Pride

You are likely proud that a member of your family is in the military, but this may make you a target for burglars. Someone who is serving means they are away from home frequently. When there is one less adult in the household, it makes it the home an easier target. That is especially true if the children are not grown up, as is shown through stickers.


Getting Defensive

Monica Liebenow and Phil Barham created the stickers and they were quick to defend them as being harmless. They said that the ongoing success of the stickers only proves that they are used without problems. The stickers may give away information but does anybody use it?


Should You Worry?

The ultimate decision as to whether to put stickers on your car is up to you. It gives away information that COULD be used by burglars, but they may also be perfectly harmless.


Via: Diply

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