Smell Lovely All Day with This Trick

When we wear our favorite perfume, it is a real treat. Not only do we enjoy the way that it smells, we get the satisfaction of knowing other people are enjoying it as well. In fact, wearing the right perfume can even boost your confidence and self-esteem!

The unfortunate problem is, when we apply perfume in the morning, it is difficult to keep it lasting for the entire day.

Although this may be a frustrating problem, it does not need to be a problem any longer.

Simply use this simple solution and your perfume will stay fresh all day and may even last longer than you do!


You Will Need the Following:
Your Favorite Perfume
Vaseline (Non-Scented)

Since it is best if you apply perfume to your pulse points, such as your wrist or your neck, you will focus this tip on those areas. Use a little bit of the Vaseline and massage it into the pulse points before spritzing your perfume on to the same area.

The reason why this helps to keep your perfume fresh is because Vaseline is a primer for makeup. When you spritz makeup over Vaseline that has already been massaged into the pulse points, it unlocks the scent in and keeps you smelling fresh.

When you spray perfume on dry skin, it quickly wears off. Since Vaseline has hydrating properties, it helps to lock the scent in and keeps you smelling lovely all day long.

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