11 DIY Projects Using Paint Sticks

Most of us don’t give paint sticks more than a passing glance. After all, they are typically only used for storing paint and you have to go to a hardware store to find them. Of course, when we need paint sticks they do have a purpose and after you see these projects, you will recognize that the purposes are multifaceted!

Paint sticks are easy to come by and in many cases, you can even pick up a few for free at your local hardware store. Check out these projects and what you can do with these versatile products and you may just go grab some for yourself.

1. Flower Basket – Yes, you can use a vase but a flower basket is perfect for certain types of flowers, such as hydrangeas.


2. Decorate Your Mirrors – When you customize your mirrors using paint sticks, the possibilities are endless.


3. Label Your Garden – Never forget what is in your flowerpots again!


4. Design a Slat Sign – Glue a few paint sticks together, decorate it and you have a perfect welcome sign for your home.


5. Tags for Your Gifts – Anyone can purchase a label for gifts but when you create a three-dimensional tag, it will make your gift stand out.


6. Letters – Paint sticks can be used to create letters for a perfect interior or exterior sign.


7. Pallets – No, you will not be able to store large items on these pallets but you can hang them on the wall for an awesome design.


8. Arrows Point the Way – Creating these unique arrows from paint sticks also make an awesome design. If you live near the beach, show people the way!


9. Motivational Phrases – You can use paint sticks to create small motivational signs and keep everyone in the family on target.


10. Picture Frame – No need to purchase picture frames, just glue some paint sticks together and decorate.


11. Table Runner – Protect and beautify your table with this unique project.


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