Use Your Ceiling Fan to Stay Warm

Ceiling fans make a wonderful addition to the home but most people are missing out on one of the primary benefits that they provide. Certainly, many people know that using a ceiling fan in the summer can help you feel cool but it is also possible to use them in the winter to stay warm.

On the side of the ceiling fan housing, you will find a small switch that reverses the blade direction. In the summer, you should have the air flowing downward so that it cools the skin but in the winter, you would want the blades pulling the air upward. Why does it make a difference?


When the ceiling fan pulls the air upward, it recirculates the hot air, which naturally goes to the ceiling and pushes it down the walls to the area where you live. Not only does it keep you comfortable, it can also reduce the amount of time that your heater is running and save you some money.

Don’t forget that the ceiling fan is only beneficial when you are in the room. Turn it off when you’re not in the room and save money.

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