11 Winter Tips That Will Change Your Life

Many of us prepare ourselves for winter during autumn but when the winter weather arrives, we may feel as if we aren’t prepared at all. After all, even though there are many good things that surround winter, there are also some difficulties that could easily rear their ugly head.

If you really want to be prepared for winter this year, you will appreciate these 11 winter tips. Although winter may be raging in some parts of the world, it is never too late to put these tips into action and begin enjoying all of the benefits that they provide.




1. Get Organized – There are so many different winter accessories that it can be difficult to keep them organized. A plastic shoe caddy hung over the door, however, will make short order of this problem.



2. Time Your Showers – It can be tempting to linger under the hot water but doing so is counterproductive. Long showers promote dry skin but taking shorter, cooler showers can help your skin to stay moisturized. Don’t forget to use lotion!



3. Insulate with Aluminum Foil – Radiators and space heaters heat the space behind the unit just as much as they do the area in front of it. By putting aluminum foil behind the radiator, it helps to reflect the heat back in the room instead of absorbing it into the wall.



4. Get Unstuck – There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than having your car stuck in the snow. The easiest way to combat the problem is to keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk. Put it behind the tires to gain traction and you will be on your way.



5. Frozen Key Holes – Have you ever tried to open your car using the key but it was frozen solid? When moisture gets inside the keyhole, this can occur. Spray a small shot of WD-40 into the keyhole and you will never have the problem again.



6. Frozen Key Holes 2 – If you already have a frozen keyhole because you did not know the WD-40 trick, here is a way to unfreeze it quickly. Put a drop of hand sanitizer directly in the keyhole and it will help to break up the ice.



7. Socks on Your Wipers – When they are calling for snow, save yourself some time in the morning by covering your wipers with tube socks. It will keep the wipers clean and dry so you can be on your way.



8. Thick Boots – Add a little extra insulation to your boots by cutting insoles out of wool.



9. Shovel Hack – Sticky snow can make it difficult to shovel but spraying some cooking spray on the shovel before you begin can help the snow to slide off easily.



10. Sweater Pills – Staying warm in your favorite sweater is fantastic but as the sweater gets older, sweater pills can become a problem. Make short order of the issue by shaving the sweater using a disposable razor.



11. Dry Feet – This is a tip from my youth, when my mother would take me wear bread bags on my feet. Any plastic bag placed between your socks and shoes will help keep them dry.


Please pass these winter tips on to others