22 Ways To Make Zip Ties Your Best DIY Friend

If you happen to be somebody who loves doing things yourself, you already realize that there are certain items that are used more than any other. Perhaps you have a hot glue gun that you seem to use every day or maybe, it is just your trusted toolbox with all the little tools inside. Although everything has its place when it comes to DIY, there is a certain item you should never overlook. I’m talking about the zip tie. After looking down through the different options for using these unique tools, you will never be without a supply again.

1. Garbage can lids – use zip ties to keep garbage can lids attached to the cans.

2. Odor control – don’t put up with a stinky gym bag. Create a silica pouch and tie it shut with a zip tie.

3. Caulking – a caulk gun is relatively inexpensive but you don’t have to spend anything if you use a zip tie and a trigger clamp.

4. Moving bins – plastic containers will always stay shut when you use zip ties.

5. Tire chains – don’t let your tire chains pop off unexpectedly. Use nylon zip ties to keep them in place.

6. Cell phone stand – Use a zip tie and wrap it without cutting off the end strap and then rest the phone on the straps.

7. Drain cleaner – When you have a clogged drain, you can take care of it with a zip tie.

8. Keep cords in place – You can use zip ties for various fastening jobs, including attaching an electrical cord to the cord reel.

9. Packing clothing – it can be difficult when hangers get loose while you are packing but they will never be loose again when you use zip ties.

10. Climbing plants – nylon zip ties are an interesting way to keep climbing plants in place. Just make sure you don’t tighten them too tight.

11. Electrical box – you can tighten up a receptacle when the screws are stripped by using zip ties. Make sure you turn off the power before working on it.

12. Keep tools in place – don’t allow tools to roll off the table. Put a zip tie around them and they will never roll away again.

13. Create a headlamp – Attach a penlight to your safety glasses using zip ties.

14. Store fluorescent bulbs – Keep your fluorescent bulbs safe by zip-tying them in a handy spot.

15. Zip ties storage – Use small pieces of PCP pipe to store zip ties on a pegboard.

16. Spotlight – Shine a spotlight on your work and you will never be working in the dark again.

17. Tool pouch – Keep small tools and little items from getting loose in your toolbox by making a pouch and tying it shut.

18. Decorating – attach your holiday light to fences and banisters with zip ties.

19. Secure clamps – if you are gluing a split piece of wood, you can clamp it together with zip ties.

20. – Recycle – you can use a pocket knife and insert it in the tip so you don’t have to throw away use zip ties.

21. Options – if you don’t have any zip ties, you can use Velcro strips, little pieces of rope, or ponytail holders.