Science Now Claims That Men Don’t Fully Mature Until They’re Over The Age Of 40

Most of us have heard folks say that men, even as adults, continue to behave like children. And some also believe that when it comes to couples, it’s the women who bring maturity to the table in the relationship. So scientists decided to test this widespread belief to see if there’s any truth to it, and here’s what they found out.

The study strived to investigate the features of maturity in adult men while comparing them with that of women.

The science is in…

In a study conducted by the University of Oxford, researchers explained that the maturation of the human brain is distinguished by a prolonged development of structural and functional network properties which extends well into adulthood. This research had the goal of discovering which features transform during maturation and which ones remain the same. Scientists studied the brains of 121 participants between the ages of 4 and 40 years old through brain imaging. They also track the changes in the different functions while taking into account the gender and age of the participants.

Men are VERY late bloomers.

The results of this experiment showed that although the brains of both men and women end up developing the same capabilities to function in daily life, men often show a significant delay in the prolonged development of functional networks compared to women. However, ladies show a more premature deterioration of these networks. This is why it’s often said that men mature later in life than women.

The female brain is designed to be more efficient

In addition to what has been reported above, there’s also more data that confirms the greater efficiency of the female brain. Eduardo Calixto, a professor of physiology and pharmacology on the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM, explained in his recent publication that although the brains of men are larger than those of women, the female brain utilizes more efficiency. For example, it has more neural connections, better memory, and accurate perception of flavor and color. Calixto also said that all of this has hormonal origins.

Now thanks to science, we can say with confidence that women and men’s brains work differently, which can explain the variations in behavior and the degree of emotional maturity in people.

What are some of your experience regarding these differences in your daily life? Do you think that all men mature at a later age than women? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and please be sure to share this story with family and friends.