12 Awesome Ways to use Dryer Sheets around the Home

There are so many different products available for keeping the home clean. If you were to try to buy them all, it would quickly burn through your budget. Fortunately, there are simple ways for you to save money and keep the home clean and the one we are about to reveal is awesome.

Believe it or not, one of the most interesting items you have around the home are dryer sheets. In fact, you will find that they can be used for so many purposes outside of the laundry room that you will run out and grab a supply right away. Here are some of our favorite uses.

1. Pots and Pans – Are you having trouble getting those pots and pans clean? Simply soak them overnight with a dryer sheet included. Use the dryer sheet in the morning to wipe away the grime!



2. Thread the Needle – Having a problem with knots in your thread? Just drag it across the sheet and the thread will not stick to itself any longer.



3. Clean the Vacuum – Do you notice a musty smell coming from your vacuum cleaner? It is not out of the ordinary. Add a used dryer sheet to the vacuum cleaner bag and the house will smell fresh again.



4. Deodorant Marks – Dealing with unsightly white deodorant marks? Simply wipe the white away with a dryer sheet.



5. Blinds – One of the more difficult areas of the home to clean are the window blinds. A used dryer sheet can make short order of the process. Just wipe the slats closed and open and you are done.



6. Hair Static – Got static cling on your hair? Grab a dryer sheet and rub it on your hair brush!



7. Clean the Iron – When dirt gets built up on the soleplate of the iron, reach for a dryer sheet. Turn the iron on low, rub it with the dryer sheet and say goodbye to the grime.



8. Fresh Clothes – Not only can dryer sheets help your wardrobe in the dryer, it can help it in the drawer as well. Put one in the dresser drawers for the fresh scent.



9. Gym Bags – Yes, we go to the gym to sweat but we bring home the gym bag. Drop in a few dryer sheets and it will help things to smell fresh.



10. Stainless Steel – I don’t know why they call it stainless, it is so easy to leave behind your mark. When your appliances show the fingerprints and smudges, grab a dryer sheet and remove them.



11. Powder Pick up – When powder is down, it can be hard to get up again. Grab a dryer sheet and it will be much easier.



12. Books – There is nothing quite like holding a book in your hands but if the book has any age, the musty smell takes away from the experience. Put some dryer sheets between the pages and love reading again.


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