7 Signs You Are Being Manipulated Emotionally


There are many issues that we may face in life but one that is common to many people is emotional manipulation. As a matter of fact, it happens more often than you realize and at some point or another, we may have been guilty of doing it ourselves. Even if we are conscious of the fact that we are doing it, others may perceive that it is us who is the manipulator.

Of course, at times, the emotional manipulation can be quite purposeful and an individual may even become chronic with their abuse. They are not only practiced in their abilities to manipulate individuals, they have also done research on how to do it even further. These are the people who push your buttons regularly and they are able to get whatever they want by working their audience, so to speak.


Recognizing the hallmark traits of an emotional manipulator may help you to avoid them.

1. You feel guilty for their mistakes

If there is one thing that an emotional manipulator does regularly, it is play the blame game. Rather than taking any bit of responsibility for their own actions, they lay the blame on anyone else who happens to be nearby. Even when it is clear that they are at fault, they will find a way to put you squarely in the crosshairs.

2. They play the victim

The fact that an emotional manipulator plays the victim can be seen with the behavior that was already mentioned. They want others to believe that they are always the victim of circumstance, regardless of the situation. It is just another way that they don’t have to take responsibility.

3. Their actions do not match their words

Somebody who is a master at emotional manipulation is also a master of language. They make all types of promises and use the right words to make you feel secure but that they don’t follow through on promises. They never actually intended to follow through the first place.

4. They lie

It is common for the emotional manipulator to lie about almost anything, even if it is not necessary for them to do so. So much of their life has become embellished that they might not even realize the truth themselves.

5. They will one-up you

When an emotional manipulator is nearby to any conversation where someone is talking about a struggle, they will jump in with a story of their own. It is their aim to get sympathy and attention and they will lie to get it if necessary.

6. They want you to feel like you are negotiating

This is a rather well known tactic of manipulators. They will ask a question of you in such a way that you will end up compromising. They start off at a higher level and then drop their demands to where they wanted them to be all along.

7. A fake trust

In order to get you to trust them, they will demonstrate trust in you. They want you to feel as if you are first on the list and that you are their best friend. They will even manipulate you into thinking that you only trust them, and hope that you will reciprocate.

Ultimately, the information that they share with you is false and you are simply providing them with ammunition so that they can manipulate you even further.

Although emotional manipulators may be difficult to spot, if you look for the signs, you may be able to weed them out your life.

Via: Daily Vibes

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