Learn The Secrets Of The F Keys On Your Keyboard That You Should Have Known All Along


Many of us feel fairly confident with our computers and we tend to use them on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is, however, there have been teams of dozens, if not hundreds of individuals who designed the computer from the ground up and it would be impossible to know everything that there is to know about it.

Sometimes, the most amazing things about our computer are hiding in plain sight. That is the case with the “function keys.” They line the top of your keyboard and are labeled F1 through F12. Most people never bother even stretching the fingers far enough to reach them but if you do, you will find them to be amazingly useful. As a matter of fact, once you begin using the F keys on a regular basis, you will never look back again.


There are many shortcuts available on the computer keyboard and the more you know them, the faster you will be able to accomplish her work. It doesn’t matter if you spend your time at the computer watching videos and listening to music or if you are working, make use of everything it offers to you.

H/T: Bright Side

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