She Buys Toy Train Tracks From IKEA Then She Puts Them On The Wall! I Can’t Believe This!

In almost any home that had a little boy, and many that had little girls, toy train tracks could be found. They were not only a staple in those households, they were something that sparked the imagination of many children and it is something that we look back fondly on as adults.

Eventually, most children outgrow their toy train tracks and when that takes place, many parents simply pack them up or put them to the curb. The fact the matter is, however, with a little bit of imagination, you can do something absolutely amazing with those unused toys.

In this project, you are going to learn how to make a tree on the play room wall using those old tracks. You will be amazed with how easy it is yet how awesome it turns out.


Start by picking up the tracks that would work best for shaping a tree.


Begin at the baseboard and work upward. Put blue tack strip on the back of the pieces and then stick them to the wall.

Use the straight tracks first, putting three rows side-by-side to create the thickness of the tree. After you have reached the proper height, add the bridge track pieces to start branching out.

The curved track pieces are used to make the limbs of the tree.


You can design it anyway you want, but if you use one piece that is inward facing the next that is outward facing, it tends to look best. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the branches until you get the look you want.


You can fill in the spaces of the tree with anything you like. Let your imagination be your guide. In this project, large wooden letters were used.


The blue tack can be used to stick the entire thing to the wall. The finished project is adorable and is perfect for any kids bedroom or playroom.


Via: Grillo Designs

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