This Plant In A Bottle Hasn’t Been Watered In 40 Years

The natural world never ceases to amaze me, and it doesn’t matter where I look, I am always going to see something incredible. One of my favorite things, however, is to watch plants grow. Sometimes, I will grow a garden, just so that I can see the miracle of young plants sprouting up from the earth and growing to maturity.

Although I have grown almost every plant I could imagine for my area, I never considered doing this type of experiment before. It was done by a man named David Latimer. Back in 1960, he added dirt and a seed to a huge glass bottle. His aim was just to see what would happen, and something certainly did happen!

Now, the bottle looks like this.


Decades ago, Latimer filled the bottle with compost and lowered a spiderworts seedling into the dirt with a wire. He packed in the seedling, watered it and put it in a sunny area of the house.

The bottle may not have access to the outside air, but it has created its own ecosystem on the inside. It all works on photosynthesis, which you may recall learning in school.


Oxygen and moisture build up on the inside of the glass and then it rains back down onto the plant. It is like a miniature version of the earth, and it is super awesome.

The last time Latimer watered the plants? 1972!


Latimer didn’t know that the plant would flourish. He is now 80 years old and you know he has to be proud of this creation. He even plans on passing it along to his children, and they better keep up the experiment!

Via: Distractify

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