Stop Holding In Your Farts. 8 Reasons Why Farting Is Good For You

Every once in a while, a health tip may come your way that is not necessarily glamorous but it can be rather interesting. It may even deal with an embarrassing situation and what can be more embarrassing than farting? As it turns out, farting is not only embarrassing, it is actually good for you. It is a natural result of your digestive system expelling gas that is produced during the digestive process.

The average person will fart anywhere from 5 to 10 times on a daily basis. There are certain foods that may make us fart more frequently, including complex carbohydrates. Those foods include sweet potatoes, beans, oats and wheat. When the food is packed full of nutritional value, the odor may be more pungent. It doesn’t matter if you fart 5 or 50 times on a daily basis, there are specific reasons why you should feel free to do so.

1. Farting reduces bloating – when the gases build up in our gut, it can make us feel uncomfortable and bloated. When we fart, it releases the gas and reduces bloating. It really is that simple.

2. Balance your diet – we all have a unique digestive system that handles foods in different ways. If you are experimenting with nutrition and your diet, your farts can be an indicator that you are balanced properly. As an example, if you eat too much red meat, you will likely end up with an unpleasant smelling flatulence. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, smell neutral but produce more gas.

3. Abdominal pain – you may find that there are certain situations where it is a good idea to hold it in but if you are experiencing abdominal pain, breaking wind may just give you the relief you need.

4. Colon Health – when you hold in your gas, it could irritate hemorrhoids. The same is also true if you try to manipulate how the gas is released. The best choice is to just let it flow in a natural way. If you have a colon that is compromised by an illness, it is best not to hold it in.

5. Smelling farts is good for you – according to a study from the University of Exeter, the hydrogen sulfide gas in farts can help to prevent mitochondrial damage to our cellular structures. In turn, it may help to prevent heart disease, stroke and arthritis.

6. Health indications – if you pay attention to the gas you are passing, it can tell you a lot about your health. This would include the odor, frequency and any pain associated with it. Flatulence may also provide an early warning sign for certain health issues.

7. Food allergies – when you have food allergies, you may have severe flatulence. Lactose intolerance is a good example. If your farts increase significantly after you eat certain types of foods, it is best to talk to a doctor about the possibility of food allergies.

8. Feels good – the bottom line is, farting feels good. If you hold it in, you may feel irritable but letting it out makes you feel fantastic.

If you are still embarrassed over farting, you can reduce the number of times you fart every day. You can eat more slowly, avoid carbonated drinks and don’t use artificial sweeteners. Limiting dairy and getting exercise may also help.

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