6 Tips For Knowing The Real From The Fake Gadget


Never before in history has it been possible to purchase so many different items. Not only do we have the old standbys that we may have used for many years, we also have electronic items that we use on a daily basis as well. When we buy them, we want to ensure that we are getting quality and for that, we always what the real McCoy.

The problem is, there are so many copycats that are out on the market today, it really can make it difficult to tell what is real and what is fake. As a matter of fact, some of those copycat items have gotten so good at disguising themselves, it takes almost an expert to tell the difference. Fortunately, you are about to learn some easy ways to tell if you are buying something that is genuine. There are many reasons why you would want to buy something genuine.


Not only is it going to work better in almost every case, there are also many factors that could lead one to return the item, and you would need to have the genuine article to return it properly. Here are some ways to spot the fakes.


Most counterfeit product manufacturers will neglect package design. The official retailer takes care of the greatest detail in design and packaging their own goods.

Look carefully at the packaging, especially at the print quality. The font should be legible and consistent. There should be nothing loose inside. Manufacturers always take the time to ensure that everything is secure during transit so it is not damaged.

Look at the user manual

The user manual is like a passport for any gadget. It contains information about the device in the language of the country where you make the purchase. If it is written in a foreign language, it’s either smuggled or a copycat.


It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about rubber, plastic or aluminum, famous brands will not save on materials. The plastic covering should be smooth without imperfections or seams. Take a closer look at the fake and you can see the cheap plastic and irregular surfaces.


Companies will spend millions of dollars on their brand and they give it particular attention. Even after you use the item for years, the logo will be easily seen. The fonts of any device should be readable, smooth and durable. In a copycat, they often lack that factor.


The charger should be adapted to use in your country. There should be a special block for European sockets if you live in Europe. If you have to buy an adapter or a separate charger, beware.

Brand chargers hold have seams between plastic parts of different colours but that isn’t true of fakes. Brands are responsible for your safety while using the gadget. That’s why they will always have metal tips and quality insulation finishes.

Wires and plugs

One of the more obvious signs of a counterfeit is the wire quality. A charging cable will sit firmly and evenly in a genuine product but if it’s fake, you will see odd angles and loose parts. The length of the plug may not work with the depth of the socket as well.

You should also pay attention to the insulation and the symbols on it. The wire should be flexible and even coloured and the markings must not erase easily.

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