16 Clues That Dogs Send Humans But We Always Miss Them

Those of us who have a dog in our family realise exactly how big of a part of the family they become. It doesn’t take a very long once they are in our home for a relationship to begin forming and before you know it, they are a part of us on a very deep, emotional level. Even though that is the case, however, there are many times when we don’t fully understand what our dog is trying to tell us.

That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that our dog is not sending us signals. As a matter of fact, they are sending us signals on almost an ongoing basis and, if you are missing them, you’re really missing out on understanding your dog. The following 16 illustrations will help you to see how your dog is talking to you and what they are saying.



The dogs tail is wagging and lowered


This typically means that your dog doesn’t understand what is taking place and he wants you to let him know. If the tail is wagging rapidly, you are in charge.

The tail is raised and tremoring slightly


The dog is challenging your authority and he considers himself to be over the situation.

The tail is tucked between the legs


This is a sign that dog is uncomfortable in some way or another or is frightened. If it happens regularly for no reason, it is best to take him to a veterinarian.


Eyes are alert and wide-open


Your pet is trying to get your attention and he expects you to respond

The dog blinks and squints


Your dog is ready to play but if he is doing it often, he might be in some pain and you should get him to veterinarian.


The ears are straight up or slightly forward


Your dog is curious and reacting to something new in his environment

The ears are flat against head


Your dog is frightened. If there is only one ear lowered and it is the left one most of the time, he may be reacting to unfamiliar people.




Your dog may be grumpy or nervous and they do it often when they are around dogs who are unfamiliar to them. If your dog yawns after you do, it means they are attached to you.

Licking their own face


This is a sign of stress or pressure

The dog exposes his teeth without snarling


Your dog may be protecting their territory and they often do it while they are eating.


Rolling over and exposing their belly


This is a sign of trust. When you rub your dog’s belly after he rolls over, it shows you that you are pleased with him

The dog sits with his head on your knee


This is a way for your dog to get attention and show that he needs you. If he touches your hand with his nose, he wants you to pet him.

Putting a paw on your knee


Your dog may be trying to dominate if he also has a smug look on his face. Look your dog in the eye and remove the paw

The dog has one paw raised


Your dog wants to ask you something. He may want to play or may be hungry. It may also be a sign that your dog notices something interesting.

The dog turns his back on you


This is a sign of trust



This may be a way for your dog to relieve tension.

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