Some Genius Finally Came Up With A Head Hammock So You Can Sleep On A Plane


Like many people, you may have a difficulty falling asleep on a long trip. It seems as if there is finally a solution and it is absolutely brilliant! It is going to solve your sleeping while traveling problem faster than you can get from here to there.

This idea comes from Paula Blankenship, who decided she had enough sleepless trips on an airplane. The idea for a Nodpod was born and it re-creates the way you sleep in bed, with your head at a 90° angle but upright.

The cord for the Nodpod doesn’t even cover the TV screen for the passenger behind you! It doesn’t matter if you travel by plane, bus or train or even in a car, you could say goodbye to sleepless trips once and for all. They are available on KickStarter for $25.






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