15 Amazing Ways To Store Yarn Easily


If you are somebody who enjoys crafting here or there, you probably have worked with yarn at some point in the past. In fact, you may have even accumulated quite a bit of yarn, as it certainly is convenient and can add colour to many different projects. You may have even tried your hand at knitting, which takes your yarn storage to a whole new level.

One of the problems that is likely to happen when you use yarn regularly is that you will accumulate more than what you use at any given time. This leads to some storage problems, and it is quite easy to get away from you if you’re not careful. Fortunately, you can use any one of these 15 brilliant ways to store your yarn quickly and easily.


1. Wet Wipe Containers

The notch in these containers is perfect for spooling yarn and making sure that it doesn’t go sailing across the room.

2. A teapot

Functional and adorable

3. Binder clips and clothespins

Clip them to the side of a bowl and you’re ready to go

4. CD storage racks

Enough said

5. Shoe organisers

6. A bag on your wrist

Take your yarn on the go with you

7. Drink cups with lids

Another reason to drink that latte

8. Hang them on the wall

Make it colourful!

9. IKEA to the rescue

10. Use a plastic basket

You can even weave the yarn through the holes in the side

11. A crib

No more kiddies? Don’t kick the crib to the kerb, up cycle it

12. Card catalog

They are not just for libraries anymore

13. Peg boards

Scale it to match your needs

14. Sugar dispensers

How cute!

15. A swatch book

Take your yarn storage to the next level

Via: Diply

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