Drop This In Your Toilet To Kill Bacteria and Eliminate Odors

Although the thought of “toilet bombs” may, at first, be of concern, you are going to learn to love them once you know what they do. Imagine being able to clean your toilet and eliminate toilet odors with no scrubbing!

This simple recipe does it all. When you use them, it kills bacteria and eliminates odors, hands free. How cool is that? If you are ready to put the toilet brush away for good, here is the recipe. You will love what this is able to do.


Ingredients: (for approx. 24 bombs)

1 1/3 cup Baking Soda – amazing for all-natural cleaning AND deodorizing!

1/2 cup Citric Acid – (low-strength acid that exists naturally in fruits like lemons & oranges) – used in many kitchen & bathroom cleaners for its cleaning, whitening & deodorizing properties.

30 drops Lavender Essential Oil*

30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil*

30 drops Lemon Essential Oil*

* All three oils I use have great antimicrobial properties and kill odor-causing bacteria PLUS this combo smells heavenly.

Notes: Please us a medical mask while mixing ingredients


1. Mix citric acid and baking soda. Always put medical mask first and then mix together the soda and acid.

2. Put essential oils in a spray bottle and spray little by little stirring the mixture at the same time in order to not let it fizz away. If the mixture isn’t damp enough I add just A TINY BIT of water in my spray bottle and spray the mixture – but again, be careful too much moisture will make the citric acid fizz and then when you got to use the bombs they will not explode.

3. Put the mixture into silicone molds and let them dry for about 6 hours. Store the bombs in a container with a lid.

To Use:

All you need to do is drop the bomb in the toilet and stand back! Ok well not really but it does fizz a whole lot and leave your toilet clean and smelling, well as clean as a toilet can smell!

Via: Healthy Holistic Living

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