Simple Home Remedy To Help Eliminate Mucus From The Lungs And Treat Coughs

Anybody who suffers from a persistent cough that just doesn’t seem to go away realises it is one of the most uncomfortable problems in the world. That isn’t to mention the fact that cough syrup is just nasty, regardless of the flavour that they stamp on the side of the bottle. Fortunately, if you suffer from a chronic cough, you don’t need to suffer endlessly.

When you take a look at the reason why people cough, you recognise that it is because of the irritation that occurs in the throat because of some type of allergen. It may also be due to a buildup of mucus in the bronchial tubes, leading to further problems such as chronic coughing, dry heaving in the lungs and bronchitis.

What if you found out there was a natural alternative to help calm down the symptoms and it was perfectly safe to use? The basic idea is creating a paste out of coconut oil, flour and honey. You would then just strap it to your chest overnight (if you’re an adult) to begin relieving your symptoms.


It is known as a “honey wrap.”

What’s wrong with cough syrup?

The primary drug in many prescription cough syrups is codeine sulfate. It may help to relieve the cough temporarily but it also comes with a number of side effects including lightheadedness, drowsiness, dizziness and sedation. When you are using other medications, the side effects can be multiplied.

Another cough suppressant that is typically found in over-the-counter drugs is Dextromethorphan. This drug suppresses the signals in your brain that tell your lungs to spasm to purge the mucus. It also stops the signals that tell your throat to make the powerful cough that clears the lungs.


So why use a honey wrap?

The honey isn’t the primary natural ingredient in the wrap, it is coconut oil. The high lauric acid content in coconut oil dissolves the lipid coating around viruses and makes them easier for the immune system to attack.

Honey is the secondary ingredient, and it is often used orally to give temporary relief to cold symptoms. The symptoms that may benefit from the use of honey include coughing fits, sore throat and itchy throat. Rather than swallowing the honey, this method goes straight to the tissue so that the mucus of the lungs can benefit fully.

Honey wrap recipe


Raw organic honey

Coconut oil



Adhesive medical tape



Mix a teaspoon of flour with some honey, and then add some warmed coconut oil.

Apply to a napkin, and place in the center of your chest with some adhesive medical tape.

This all-natural compress can be applied to an adult overnight, or to a child for only 2-3 hours. You should notice some results after the first treatment, but as with all natural treatments time is your friend, and it’s perfectly safe to do multiple treatments over a week.

Why not give it a try? It’s an all-natural treatment that uses ingredients that you likely already have around your home. It is cost-effective and many people have use it to their benefit.