Stop A Migraine Instantly With Salt

If you were to talk to anyone who suffers from migraine headaches, they will be quick to tell you that they are the worst pain a person could experience. When you look around, you may find that there are many treatments for migraine headaches but the majority of them either have harmful chemicals or they are not very effective. This natural remedy, however, may just provide the solution you need.

Most people who suffer from migraines are willing to try almost anything that might give a possibility for relief. Not only are migraines extremely painful, they can be debilitating. Along with the head pain, you may experience other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, sound sensitivity and light sensitivity. The pulsing sensation experienced with the migraine, however, is the worst type of headache that is commonly experienced.


Doing something about the migraine is sometimes considered to be quite difficult. When you take migraine medication as a prescription, it is potentially harmful and may not do any good. Even if the symptoms of a migraine are reversed from the medication, they are likely to come back when the medication wears off. Of course, that is what big Pharma wants you to put up with. They know that you will do anything to get relief, so they take advantage of it by giving you something that works a couple of hours in the hopes that you will spend money to take it again.

The all natural remedy that may be able to help with your migraine is as simple as salt. Salt is used for a wide variety of health reasons, including treating headaches. If you’re going to try this remedy, be sure to use a high quality salt, such as Himalayan sea salt. Using salt will reduce the severity of the migraine and gives your immune system a boost. It also helps to restore the pH balance of the body.

This recipe also includes lemons, which also balance the pH within the body in a very powerful way. They also work along with the salt in helping to relieve your migraine.


half a lemon1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt


Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of water, add the himalayan salt, and enjoy! Drink the solution and watch your migraine disappear in minutes!

H/T: Go Natural Cures

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