Toe Hard Hats Are Now Available For Those Who Stub Their Toe A Lot

Many of us have experienced the extreme pain of getting up in the middle of the night and stubbing your toe as you are wandering around in the dark. For some of us, it may even be a regular occurrence that happens regardless of whether it is night or day. Since the pain can be so extreme, sometimes you need to go to the extreme to stop it from happening. That is where these tiny construction hats come in.

Matt Benedetto is the man behind the Unnecessary Inventions Website and he has come up with another product that you don’t actually need but you might not be able to live without. It is perfect for people who stub their toe and those who do so regularly. This little piece of construction apparel is going to be perfect to keep your little piggies healthy and happy.

The invention is known as the StubStopper and it isn’t just a gag, it’s actually a product that you can purchase. If you happen to love walking around the house without any shoes on or if you know somebody that loves to go barefoot, these little hardhats are going to be perfect for what their toes need.

If you happen to live in a hardhat zone inside of your home, this product may just be what you have dreamt about for quite some time. According to the Unnecessary Inventions Instagram post: “Equip your big toe with these pint sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture leg who’s boss.”

You can see it in action in this video:

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If you have been looking for a way to protect your toes, this may be an option you want to consider. Then again, there may be other options that are perfect for protecting your toes as well.

One example you may want to consider is a bumper that can protect your toes from the edge of the bed frame.

You can buy these online for under eight dollars at Amazon:

Toe caps may also be another option you want to consider. Not only do they help to protect from stubbing your toe, but they can also protect your toes against the wear and tear happening when you wear shoes. They are gel covers that go right over the toe and you can buy packs of four on Amazon for under $13.

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