Spa That Caters To Tired Parents Offers Nap Time And Childcare

There is something that all of us enjoy from time to time, and that is a little bit of pampering. To be honest, we would probably enjoy a lot of pampering any opportunity we had it. The problem is, many people who are parents find very little opportunity to fit that into their schedule. If you stop to think about the last time that you really had the chance to relax, you might find that it is too far in the past to even remember.

What if there was a spa were tired parents could go and get a little bit of rest and relaxation? What if the spa were to offer everything from massages, manicures, hair removal and facials while also treating postpartum and pregnant mothers. There isn’t a need for you to dream about such a location, it is available at the Spa Lé La, based in Los Angeles.

The founder of Spa Lé La and a professional facialist said that the spa is “a great place for moms and dads to get away and get self care while we watch the little ones for free.” I’m ready to join already.

You heard it right, they offer childcare. They don’t charge for the first child and the second is only six dollars, so you are looking at an awesome bargain. Considering the fact that you can spend up to two hours in the spa before you have to check on the kids, it’s close to perfect.

Renea says that they hire nannies to care for the little ones who are CPR and Trustline certified. It can really help to ease your mind.

They also cover one of the most important concerns for any tired parents, they offer a nap room.

You can get 25 minutes of uninterrupted, sweet sleep for only $40. You don’t have to worry about outside noises from the childcare room because it is soundproof. If you are just looking to get some work done uninterrupted or to read a book, you can pay $20 for some time in a quiet room pod.

Another enjoyable feature is that you can spend an extra 30 minutes before or after the treatment just relaxing while the kids are tucked away safely in the childcare room. Renea added that feature after she was told by many parents that it was a hassle to pile the kids into the car for a short visit.

You may feel a little bit guilty by putting your kids in a room and enjoying some pleasures at the spa but there is no need to worry. There are classes offered for the little ones that include art, music and yoga. They are free for parents that use the spa.

Renea also wants to make sure that they provide the support that parents need. She says: “You deserve a little self care during the day. It makes you a better, happier person and your child gets a better you. When you’re stressed during the day it’s better to go to Spa Lé La and take a break while your child plays in the other room. Then when you come back together you’re both happy. We want to take the guilt out of self care while parenting. It’s important to self care in order to be the best you for your family.”

It sounds like the perfect place that has everything a tired parent needs.

“Our goal is to open four more around Los Angeles and then franchising so that every town can enjoy a Spa L’e La.”