A Secret That Will Magically Eradicate Ants Overnight

Although we may face many different problems as a homeowner, one of the issues that many of us have to deal with is the invasion of our home by unwanted pests. Those pests may be different from one area to another but in many areas, it involves ants. Once they get a foothold in the home, they are very difficult to remove and many families will spend money month after month for a professional exterminator to come and eradicate the ants from their home.

Ants can enter the home for almost any reason and they tend to be worse in the warmer months than they are in the colder months. They come inside looking for food, water or to escape the weather outside. Once they make their way into your home and find a reason to be there, they will do their best to bring other ants along with them. When you think about the ready supply of food and water that is inside many homes and the fact that it offers a warm, dry location for them to live, it’s little wonder that they want to be inside.

Some people use a pest control service to handle the problem but others want to avoid pest control because it tends to be expensive and the chemicals can be harmful. They may take the chemicals with them when they leave but the residue that is left behind can harm you, your children and your pets.

The good news is that it isn’t necessary for you to poison your home with those chemicals to remove the problem. There is a simple solution in the form of Borax. Many people use it with their laundry and it is 100% safe. Another good part is that it can be picked up at the supermarket.

Here’s the recipe to get things working for you:

Gather Your Ingredients:

1 cup warm water
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons borax

How to Do It:

Mix the three ingredients together and then soak it up with a cotton ball. Put the cotton ball near any ant trails that have already been established in your home.

Set the cotton balls out at night and in the morning, you should wake up to a lot of dead ants. It works great!