A Crocheted Egg Apron Is Now Available For All Homesteaders

Anybody who is a homesteader is going to appreciate what this page has to offer. They are the ones who tend to have chickens and of course, when you have chickens, you have a chicken coop. Hanging out with the chickens is lots of fun but when it comes to gathering eggs, things can sometimes get difficult.

That is where Ashlea Konecny comes in. She is a blogger of Heart Hook Home and she had an inspiration one day. Her friend, Cassy has 30 chickens, which means that she has to gather as much as 30 eggs on a daily basis. She found the entire process to be somewhat cumbersome and she was looking for a method that would help to make it easier. Since Ashlea is a ‘crochet addict’ according to her own estimation, she came up with the perfect solution.

You have probably seen an apron with a pocket before but have you ever seen one with 19 egg-shaped pockets that are perfect for a homesteader with lots of chickens? They are great for gathering the eggs but they also hold many other items as well. A larger pocket in the rear holds the cell phone or other larger items.

For those who have young children helping out around the farm, a matching apron that is just their size is available as a pattern as well.

“This apron could be used to hold all sorts of crafts, tools—and according to my eight-year-old, to hold his LEGOs while he builds as well!” Ashlea told Martha Stewart Living.

Just head over to Ashlea’s blog for the tutorial and pattern.

Source: Country Living